3 Reasons You Do Need A Plumber When Building A Tiny Home

You have decided that the tiny home life and all that comes with it sounds like a change you would like to make. However, instead of going out and buying a tiny home already built, you plan to use your own carpentry skills to build your humble abode. Because tiny houses are so, well, tiny, a lot of prospective dwellers do feel like they can perfectly handle some of the work on their own, and many of them do just fine. However, installing plumbing and plumbing fixtures in your tiny house is a job best left for professionals. Here is a look at why you DO need a plumber to plumb your tiny home. 

Integrating plumbing lines in a small space is hard work. 

Think about all the different water lines you will have to have in your tiny home. You will need water lines to sinks, toilets, water-related appliances, your shower or bath, and your hot water heater. Running all of these lines in a regular size home is a major undertaking because of how much materials will have to be involved, which can give the impression that plumbing a tiny home must be easier. Yet, that is the opposite of the truth. Installing all of those pipelines in such a small space and doing so in a concealed way can be a real challenge. 

You will want your tiny home to be up to local building code. 

The inner workings of a house may have to be up to code for insurance purposes or if you plan to park your tiny home in a certain place. Plumbing is commonly outlined by building codes in an area. That means if everything is not installed precisely right, it can make it hard to get homeowner's insurance on your little living space and you may have a hard time finding a place to park the house once it is complete. 

Water damage inside a tiny home can be a disaster. 

If there is one big reason to trust a professional plumber with installing plumbing lines and fixtures in your tiny home, it is to make sure you avoid any possibility of water damage for the foreseeable future. In such a small enclosed space, one small leak can have dire consequences. For example, a small leak under the kitchen sink could easily ruin the entire first floor of the house because it is not all that large to start with. 

For more information, contact a local plumber