3 Tips To Improve The Portable Restroom Experience

Anytime people gather in large numbers, access to restroom facilities is critical. Portable restrooms play a valuable role in supplying people with access to a toilet in areas where no permanent bathrooms can be found. Despite the benefits associated with portable restrooms, these facilities often get a bad reputation for being less-than-inviting.

Here are three simple things that you can do to improve the portable restroom experience when you are supplying toilets for a large group of people in the future.

1. Provide adequate lighting.

If you are hosting an event that will take place after the sun sets, lighting could be an issue when it comes to the safe use of portable restrooms. If a patron cannot see what they are doing inside the restroom, cleanliness and quality will suffer.

Since electrical lighting can be expensive and open flames pose a fire hazard, you should rely on battery-powered lights to illuminate portable restrooms instead. Round fixtures that can be activated with the touch of a button can be temporarily installed inside portable restrooms to increase safety and functionality.

2. Provide hand sanitizer.

Portable restrooms do not require access to water, allowing them to be placed anywhere toilet facilities are needed. Unfortunately, this lack of water can make it impossible for those using a portable restroom to wash their hands after they are finished with the facilities.

Making the choice to install a hand sanitizer dispense inside each of the portable restrooms servicing your event can help you ensure the cleanliness and health of your patrons. Hand sanitizer doesn't require water, and it effectively eliminates many of the germs that are transferred onto the hands while using a restroom.

3. Manage odors.

Keeping the odors associated with portable restrooms to a minimum is a simple and effective way to improve each patron's experience. Although it might not be feasible to have cans of scented spray inside each portable restroom, it can be helpful to install battery-powered misters that spritz the interior of the portable restroom with a pleasant scent regularly.

These misters eliminate the need for manual operation, ensuring that a pleasant scent is emitted on a regular schedule. Patrons won't have to bother with the air freshener, but the odors associated with using a portable restroom can be kept to a minimum.

Taking the time to ensure your portable restrooms have proper lighting, access to hand sanitizer, and misters that automatically release a scented air freshener will help you improve the portable restroom experience for your guests in the future. For more information, contact companies like B & B Drain Tech Inc.