The Best Water Pump Solutions For Your Well Equipment Needs And Running Water

If your home relies on a well to get water to your home, then the type of equipment you have installed is important. One of the areas where you want to make sure you choose the right solution is the pump. Today, there are different types of pumps that can be installed with well equipment. The following information will help you choose the best pump to install with your well equipment: Read More 

Your Pets And Your Plumbing: Why The Two Don’t Mix

A pet is a beloved member of any family, but it can do some damage to your home. Your home's plumbing system can actually suffer damage due to your pet's actions. That is why you need to take some steps to keep your plumbing system safe. Here are some tips: Cover Any Exposed Pipe Some homes have pipes that are exposed. If you have exposed pipes in your home, you should close them off or cover them. Read More 

Why Hydro Jetting Could Be a Cheap Way to Clean Your Pipes

When it comes to plumbing, every homeowner's nightmare is that they will have to call in a plumber to replace a large section of clogged-up drain pipes. Not only is this expensive, time-consuming, and very annoying to have to live with — but it can be very inefficient too. Luckily, there is a new method of cleaning pipes out that can be far quicker, easier on your wallet, and better for the environment as well. Read More 

Drain Flies And Your Home’s Clogged Drain

What do teeny-tiny fruit flies have to do with a clogged drain? It's likely those pesky pests aren't fruit flies at all. Instead, it's more likely your sink, tub or basin has drain flies. Before you try a DIY approach, take a look at what you need to know about these flying invaders and clogged drain services. Where Do Drain Flies Come From? It's all in the name. Drain flies live in sewage or waste matter—inside of drains. Read More 

Can A New Water Heater Actually Save Me Money?

Water heaters are fantastic inventions. Not only do they save you the hassle of having to heat your water manually to enjoy a warm bath, but they can also deliver hot water to multiple exit points throughout your house at any one point in time, providing you with hot water on-demand, year-round. But every once in awhile, you may need to have to talk to your plumber about scheduling a new water heater installation, either because yours has gone out or you're wanting to upgrade to a newer system. Read More