3 Things To Know About Grease Traps

Are you getting the kitchen in your restaurant ready to start serving the public? Other than than installing the appliances that are needed for food storage and meal preparation, you must also consider how grease will be handled. You don't want to deal with frequent plumbing system problems due to grease getting trapped in the pipes. The best way to protect the plumbing system is to ensure that a grease trap is installed. Browse this article to learn more about grease traps and keeping them in a working condition:

1. The Usefulness of a Grease Trap

A grease trap is useful because it can limit the amount of grease that makes it through the plumbing lines. Before the grease flows through to the main sewer line to your restaurant, it is captured in a trap. By capturing the grease, it aids with preventing plumbing problems in your building, as well as for the municipal plumbing lines. The municipal plumbing system is important because it routes water and sewage where they need to go. Grease can cause problems for the flow of waste.

2. Getting a Grease Trap Installed

You must be cautious about how your grease trap is installed. The reason why is because you can run into a lot of problems if the trap isn't installed correctly. For example, if the trap isn't positioned right, you might notice that grease never accumulates inside of it. The grease will pass the trap up and likely get trapped inside of your plumbing lines. Hire a professional to install the trap on your behalf if you want to ensure that it is done right.

3. Following Regulations in Your State

Keep in mind that as a restaurant owner, there will likely be laws in your state in regards to how your grease trap must be maintained. It is common for laws to be in place that requires the trap to be cleaned after a specific amount of time has passed by, which is usually several times per year. The trap must also be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that none of the grease is left behind. Attempting to remove the grease on your on might be a mistake that leads to you getting fined if the job isn't done correctly. A professional can remove the grease as per the regulations in your state to help you avoid being fined if your restaurant happens to get inspected.  

Contact a grease trap cleaning service for more information and assistance.