The Worst Is Over: 4 Reasons You’ll Need A Plumber After The Storm Has Passed

After the storm has passed through, and the risk of danger is over, the cleanup will begin. Even if your home only took on minor water damage, it's still going to take a lot of effort to get things back to normal. While you're making a list of the damage that will need to be repaired, don't forget to add plumbing to the list. You might not think it, but hurricanes can wreak havoc on your plumbing. Here are just four of the plumbing problems you could be facing now that the hurricane has passed.

Debris in the Drains

Flooding caused by the hurricane can bring lots of debris through your home, including mud, silt, leaves, and even small rodents. If any of that debris came in contact with your drain pipes, which it probably did, you could be looking at some serious clogs. To clean out the drains, and remove the debris, you should have a plumber come out and clean them with a high-pressure plumbers nozzle. The stream of pressurized water will cut through the toughest debris to leave your drains clean.

Crushed Underground Drain Pipes

If your home was soaked and flooded during the hurricane, that additional weight could have caused a build up of pressure on your foundation. Unfortunately, drain pipes aren't designed to withstand that much weight and pressure. Depending on how much water was left standing in our home, your underground pipes could have been crushed. If that's the case, they'll need to be repaired, or replaced, before you can use your plumbing again. While your plumber is cleaning your pipes, have them inspect inspect them for signs of damage.

Broken Interior Water Pipes

Large objects can become airborne during a hurricane. Once they become airborne, they can come crashing through your walls and roof. If that happens, there's a good chance that the water pipes that are installed in those areas could have been broken, or even ripped out altogether. Once you're able to get back into your home, you'll need to have the interior water pipes inspected for damage.

Uprooted Sprinkler Systems

You might not think about your sprinkler system, but it could have been damaged during the hurricane too. All it takes is for one sprinkler to get uprooted, and the entire system could have come along with it. Once you have the cleanup of your home underway, you'll need to have your sprinkler system inspected for damage.

If your home has sustained mild, to moderate, damage from the hurricane, you'll want to get started on the cleanup as soon as possible. While you're cleaning the mess up, don't forget to contact a plumber. They'll be able to inspect your plumbing, assess the damage, and take care of the necessary repairs. Visit a site like for more help.