Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet, And Why

There are many things that people don't think twice about flushing down the toilet, but doing so harms your drains. Here are some of those things and why you shouldn't dispose of them in the toilet:


There are two main reasons why you should flush diapers down the toilet. The first one is that diapers don't degrade easily; in fact, they are purposefully designed that way so that they can handle liquid waste without leaking. This means the diapers will stay in the drainage channel for a long time without degrading. The second reason is that diapers are designed to handle as much liquid waste as possible, and since this increases the volume of the diaper, they swell when wet. This makes diapers very capable of blocking drain channels.


If you have some medication that you no longer need, get another way to get rid of them without disposing of them in the toilet. This is because sewage waste is treated by bacterial decomposition, and the medication (especially if they are antibacterial drugs) will kill the bacteria. Medication in the sewer is bad for all types of drainage systems, but it is particularly bad for septic systems because your septic system will backup if it can't handle the waste it receives.

Paper Towels

Because they are named paper towels, many people don't think twice before flushing them down the toilet. The problem is that they don't decompose easily; they are made from touch paper that doesn't crumble at the touch of water. The more your paper towels stay into the drain, the higher the risk that they will entangle with other things and cause a blockage.

Used Condoms

Many people consider used condoms gross, but not everything gross should go into the toilet. Condoms are particularly bad for your drains because they grow in size when filled with air, which means they can easily cause a blockage. Not only that, but condoms also contain lubricants, and anything greasy or fatty is bad for your drains because they can coalesce with other debris and cause a blockage.

Cat Litter

Cat litter isn't just cat poop and pee, the actual liter is made from clay and sand. Once you know what cat litter is made from, it doesn't require an overactive imagination to see that it can easily block your drains. After all, you don't expect clay and sand to decompose, do you?

Hopefully, you have not been disposing of the above things in the toilet. All isn't lost, however, if your drains are already clogged or damages; talk to a drain technician, such as from Ez Flow Plumbing, to help you diagnose and fix the malfunction.