Tired Of Your Smelly Bathroom Sink Drain? Do Something About It

If you're tired of smelling the foul odors in your bathroom sink drain, take action now. Plumbing drains can build up with toothpaste, soap scum, oral bacteria, and many other types of debris over time. If you don't remove the gunk properly, it can create a host of foul odors. Follow the simple and effective tips below to remove the foul-smelling debris from your sink drain.

Stop Using the Harsh Drain Cleaners

If you currently use store bought products to clean your smelly sink drain, stop. Some of the products may be too weak or ineffective to break through the gunk hiding inside your sink's plumbing pipe and drain. In addition, the corrosive ingredients in some of your products may actually damage your plumbing pipes over time. 

Some sources recommend using baking soda and white distilled vinegar to clean out stinky drains. Although baking soda and vinegar can eliminate the odors in your drain, the ingredients might not be effective enough by themselves to break up the solid debris located deep inside your plumbing pipe. If you do choose to use baking soda and vinegar in your drain, be sure to unplug the drain with an auger first. Also, flush out the drain and pipe with hot tap water. 

If the solutions above don't work well for you, consider calling a plumber for additional help.

Obtain Professional Drain Cleaning Services

The first thing a plumber may do is check the sink's plumbing trap for problems. The trap should contain enough clean water to prevent sewer odors from building up inside the plumbing pipe. If the trap lacks water, odors can make their way out of drain. A plumber will solve this problem by replacing the trap with a stronger and more reliable piece. 

A plumber may also clear out the sink's pipe with a professional grade auger or snaking tool. The tool is long enough to reach and break down the gunk hiding deep inside your plumbing pipe. After the cleaning, a contractor may sanitize and freshen up the drain with commercial cleansers. 

You can keep your sink's plumbing pipe and trap clean by running hot water down the drain. If you experience any other problem with the drain, contact a plumber for assistance. 

Don't allow the odors in your bathroom sink drain to take over your home. If you need help with your stinky drain, contact a drain cleaning service right away.