3 Issues You May Encounter With Your Plumbing This Summer

Summer is all about relaxing by the pool, sunbathing, and grilling out with your family and friends—well, that is until your fun is ruined by issues with your household plumbing. Don't assume that because the temperatures have warmed up that you can't have issues with your plumbing because you most certainly can. However, it is possible to avoid summertime plumbing issues. Below, you can learn about three summertime plumbing-related issues that you may encounter and how to avoid them.

Garbage Disposal Malfunctions

Because of the warmer weather, you tend to want to eat a little bit healthier, so you are eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. They may be delicious, but they are also fibrous, making them a challenge for your garbage disposal. Even small fruits like strawberries can build up quickly and make your garbage disposal back up, which will leave behind dirty water and decomposing food. The best thing for you to do during the summer is to throw leftover food, especially food that has seeds and pits, in the garbage.

Sewer Backups

Summer brings significant rainstorms with it, and all of this significant rainfall can result in backed up sewer lines. During the summertime, your household plumbing system is already dealing with higher usage because the kids are home from school, so when rainfall is added into the mix, the system could back up into the home. If you have a septic system, you may be able to get ahead of the issue by ensuring the tank is pumped regularly. If you are on a city water system, you will want to keep a close eye out for any clogs in the bathtubs, sinks, or toilets, and notify a plumber immediately before the issue gets out of hand.

Water Heater Breakdowns

Regardless of what season it is, nothing beats relaxing in a long, hot bath. However, when that hot bath is combined with additional loads of dishes and laundry, your water heater gets worn out. This extra work on the water heater can add wear and tear on the system, particularly if it's vulnerable due to lack of routine maintenance. Thankfully, you can avoid displeasing cold showers and baths by having a plumber perform an inspection on your water heater prior to summer arriving.

If you run into a plumbing emergency this summer, contact a local plumbing company for professional assistance immediately to avoid the issue worsening.