The Steps Of Installing A Sewer Line

Most people never have to give any thought to their sewer lines. They don't have to consider the pipes that connect their home to the main sewer line. You could find yourself in a position where you are forced to have a newer line installed. You could have recently purchased a new property you want to build on, or perhaps your current sewer line is old and needs to be replaced. Regardless, a professional plumber can help you with this process.

Plumbers Figure Out the Elevation & Slope

The plumber will first try to figure out where the pipes need to go. They figure this out based on the depth of the pipes. They will figure out where your home's drain exits from the foundation of the home and then where it should connect with the main sewer line. Often, plumbers are able to do this with a laser level or surveying equipment. Based on the pipe lengths and the elevations, the professional will determine the slope needed to make your sewer line work.

Plumbers Dig the Trench

The next step involves digging a trench for the pipes. Digging a trench for these pipes can be pretty difficult because it becomes so difficult to avoid disturbing the surrounding elements. Professionals do this carefully to ensure they make a very narrow trench that is just the right size to place the pipes.

Plumbers Install Pipes

Next, the sewer professionals install the pipes, one section at a time, putting them end to end. Typically, the piping is made out of PVC and can be combined easily. Keep in mind that pipes need to be placed with specific ends in different locations to ensure that they do not leak and to be in compliance with the local city's regulations and specifications.

Plumbers Fill the Trench

One the sewer line is installed and looked over to ensure that leaks are not present, the professionals will fill in the trenches they have dug. This process is also tricky because the professionals need to protect the piping when they fill in the space. They will add sand and layers of soil in compact ways. Sometimes, they will include a warning label over layers of soil to tell anybody digging that there is a sewage line underneath the area.

Do you need to install a new sewer line? Call a sewer line installer today to come out and assess your home.