How Hiring A Plumber Has Changed During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions on travel and business have changed the way people do everything. This includes hiring a plumber. If you are having a problem like a leak, a clogged drain, or an overflowing septic tank, it helps to know what you can expect when you go about hiring a plumber during this trying time.

1. Some plumbers are only offering emergency and urgent services.

Plumbing is considered an essential service in most cases, so most plumbers are open and operating. However, in order to protect their staff — and to reduce the chances of exposing their customers — some plumbers are only offering emergency services. Others are only handling emergency services and what they consider "urgent" services. This would include things like burst pipes, clogged toilets, and blocked drains. It would not include things like wanting to replace a still-functioning toilet or faucet. If you're not sure if your need qualifies as an emergency or urgent service, just call your preferred plumber and ask. There's no risk of spreading the virus by making a phone call, after all.

2. Many plumbers want online payment.

Plumbers have always been notoriously flexible when it comes to accepting payment. They'll often take cash, checks, or online payments — but this was under normal conditions. With the outbreak making it more risky for them to touch cash, swipe your credit card on-site, and so forth, most plumbers are requiring customers to pay online. If you do not have an online payment app like PayPal or Venmo set up already, it's a good idea to install one before your plumber arrives. Again, you can call them to confirm which payment options they're accepting.

3. Most plumbers will want you to stay away while they work.

Under normal circumstances, watching your plumber work is educational and informative. You can learn more about how your home's plumbing works and how to keep it in better shape going forward. Now, however, you will want to leave the plumber alone while they are working, and they will likely require that you do so. The more space you give them, the lower the risk of spreading the virus. 

Now that you know a little more about hiring a plumber during the COVID-19 outbreak, you can hopefully feel more comfortable if you need to do so. With the right precautions on your part and on the part of the plumber, you can get your plumbing fixed and do so safely.

To learn more, contact a plumbing contractor.