An Emergency Plumber Is Ready To Offer Help Quickly When You Have An Urgent Problem

When you have a plumbing problem, you can usually get help on an emergency basis if you need it. However, you might wonder what constitutes an emergency when it comes to plumbing. If a pipe bursts and water is spewing everywhere, you know you need a plumber fast, but you might not be sure about other problems. Here's a look at when calling an emergency plumber might be a good idea.

You Discover A Fast Drip You Can't Contain

If a faucet drips in your kitchen sink, that's not an emergency since it doesn't cause any water damage. You'll want the problem fixed as soon as possible, but unless you're losing a lot of water and you're worried about it driving up your water bill, you can probably wait to schedule service from a plumber.

If the drip is under the sink or in a pipe elsewhere, that's different. To prevent water damage and mold, you'll have to catch the drip in a bucket and change the bucket frequently. If that's not possible, consider calling an emergency plumber so the water doesn't drip on the floor or behind a wall to cause water damage and mold.

Your Toilet Is Out Of Commission

If you only have one toilet and you can't use it because it's clogged up, consider calling an emergency plumber. You don't want to go without a toilet and you don't want to risk forgetting about the clog, flushing the toilet, and causing sewage to back up in your home. A plumber can usually clear out a clogged sewer line quickly with a snake or hydro jet and get your toilet back in service.

You're Expecting Guests

Even a mild plumbing issue can suddenly become an emergency if you're having guests over for dinner or you're hosting an event and you want everything in your home to be perfect. A clogged kitchen sink could make meal preparation impossible, and a toilet with a mild clog has the potential to turn into a disaster when multiple people use the bathroom in a short amount of time.

You may need an emergency plumber to unclog drains or make other repairs quickly before your guests arrive, and so you have time to use the kitchen sink to prepare for the occasion.

The Water Heater Stops Working

You depend on hot water for handwashing, doing dishes, and bathing. If the water heater stops making hot water, especially in the winter, you may feel like that's worth a call to an emergency plumber. If the heater can be repaired, the plumber may be able to do the work quickly so your home has hot water again for all your daily needs.

For more information about calling an emergency plumber, contact a local plumbing service.