Drain Flies And Your Home’s Clogged Drain

What do teeny-tiny fruit flies have to do with a clogged drain? It's likely those pesky pests aren't fruit flies at all. Instead, it's more likely your sink, tub or basin has drain flies. Before you try a DIY approach, take a look at what you need to know about these flying invaders and clogged drain services.

Where Do Drain Flies Come From?

It's all in the name. Drain flies live in sewage or waste matter—inside of drains. These moth-like pests are attracted to moisture, making stagnant or standing water a favorite place for drain flies to live and breed. Along with standing water, the plumbing system invaders also live in the slimy or sticky film that forms on the insides of your home's pipes.

Do Drain Flies Prefer Clogged Pipes?

The standing water in your sink is only part of the problem a clog can cause. Water can collect in the pipes, creating an inviting environment for drain flies. Couple the standing water with the buildup or debris that often lines clogged pipes and you've made the perfect home for these pesky gnats.

Will Drain Cleaner Help This Pest and Pipe Problem?

It's not likely a DIY drain cleaner product will solve your pipe-related pest problem. Harsh store-bought chemicals can corrode the inside of your home's pipes, while milder products may not do the trick. This can lead to serious plumbing system damage or allow the pest issue to persist after the DIY treatment.

How Can You Eliminate the Drain Flies?

To eliminate the drain fly issue, you need a two-step plan. This should include both pest and plumbing services. A pest control professional can treat the affected drain and pipes, effectively exterminating the flies. Even though this will eliminate the issue right now, it would prevent a re-infestation.

Reduce the risks of another drain fly invasion with a second step in the treatment process—a professional plumbing service. You'll need to completely clear the clogs, remove standing water, and clean sludge and slime from the drain pipe's interior walls.

Who Should Clear the Clog?

You need to clear the clog to stop the flies permanently. But a DIY method isn't the answer. Now what? Before the flies make your drain their home, hire a qualified plumbing contractor. A professional plumber has the expertise, experience, and equipment to quickly and effectively clear the clog, clean the drain, and remove leftover debris.