Why Hydro Jetting Could Be a Cheap Way to Clean Your Pipes

When it comes to plumbing, every homeowner's nightmare is that they will have to call in a plumber to replace a large section of clogged-up drain pipes. Not only is this expensive, time-consuming, and very annoying to have to live with — but it can be very inefficient too. Luckily, there is a new method of cleaning pipes out that can be far quicker, easier on your wallet, and better for the environment as well. Here is why you should consider hydro jetting your clogged up drains before you resort to a full-scale replacement of your pipes.

Hydro Jetting Fully Cleans the Pipe

Unlike other cleaning options such as a physical pipe cleaner that only partially dislodged the blockages, hydro jetting will clear the path completely. This will clear the entire blockage and not just a portion of it, which is what other cleaning options can do. Using other cleaning options may not completely address the blockage which leads to a more frequent need for cleaning. Hydro jetting, with its high-pressured nozzle, will clear out any and all applicable blockages that lie in its way. Hydro jetting also works great even when the drain is not fully blocked, just so that you prevent the inevitable future blockage from happening.

Hydro Jetting Does Not Use Toxic Chemicals

Before most people will hire a plumber, they generally try to clean out pipes using toxic drain cleaners. These will work, to an extent, but it is not a long-term solution and, perhaps worst of all, it is very, very bad for the environment that they end up in. Hydro jetting is 100% pure water, with no added chemicals, which leads to a much more natural solution that more people are comfortable with. It also is much less damaging on the interior walls of your pipes.

The Equipment Can Reach Almost Anywhere

The specialized hydro jet nozzle that clears the way can be attached to almost any length of hose so that it can reach your entire house. Many plumbing snakes and other cleaning practices cannot be done in these far to reach areas because of how isolated they are. If you have a blockage in or near your mainframe, then why not try hydro jetting before you resort to a full-scale replacement of your plumbing. 

To learn more about your plumbing options or the benefits of hydro jetting, contact a company like Quality 1st Plumbing.