Your Pets And Your Plumbing: Why The Two Don’t Mix

A pet is a beloved member of any family, but it can do some damage to your home. Your home's plumbing system can actually suffer damage due to your pet's actions. That is why you need to take some steps to keep your plumbing system safe. Here are some tips:

Cover Any Exposed Pipe

Some homes have pipes that are exposed. If you have exposed pipes in your home, you should close them off or cover them. If you do not protect these exposed pipes, your pet can chew on them and cause damage. The pet could also get hurt, as shards of pipe can get into a pet's digestive system and make it sick.

Keep Digging at Bay

Dogs love to dig in the dirt. Unfortunately, digging can do serious damage to your plumbing, especially if the digging is near the main drain line out to the sewer system. If this line is damaged, you will need to call the plumber to have the entire pipe replaced. This line runs the home's wastewater out and into the sewage system, so it can be a major issue if it is damaged. To prevent damage from your digging pet, be sure to stand with your pet and redirect it if it begins to dig near your main drain line. You may even want to install a fence in your yard to keep your pet contained if you cannot control its digging tendencies.

Keep Your Toilet Lid Shut

Many pets will drink any water they can get to, including toilet water. This can be seriously dangerous for pets, especially if you use a bleaching agent to keep the toilet clean. There may also be remnants of chemicals left behind from various treatments you have done. The water is also unsanitary and can cause the spread of bacteria throughout your home.

Put Drain Guards in the Shower and Tubs

If you bathe your pet, you know how much hair can shed off after each bath. A drain guard sits over the drain and will catch any hair and debris before it can go down the drain. Pet hair can cause significant clogs in your home's plumbing. Drain guards do not cost much money and are simple to place.

Your plumbing is one of the most important components of your home, so you need to protect it from damage from your pets. These steps are easy and inexpensive ways to protect your plumbing. For more information, reach out to a local plumbing company, like Marcum Plumbing Services, Inc.