The Best Water Pump Solutions For Your Well Equipment Needs And Running Water

If your home relies on a well to get water to your home, then the type of equipment you have installed is important. One of the areas where you want to make sure you choose the right solution is the pump. Today, there are different types of pumps that can be installed with well equipment. The following information will help you choose the best pump to install with your well equipment:

Benefits of Installing Submersible Water Well Pumps

The first well pump to consider installing for your home is a submersible well pump. There are benefits to installing submersible pumps for water wells, including:

  • Protection from the weather outside of the well casing
  • Inconspicuous design that is less noticeable in landscaping
  • Fewer problems with well water contamination

Additionally, submersible pumps never need to be primed due to being submerged in water. The submersible well pump is protected and rarely needs to be pulled from the casing. When the pump does need to be repaired, it may be time to have it replaced with a newer and more efficient model.

Installing an Above Ground Jet Pump for Easier Maintenance 

In rural areas, you may want to have a pump where you can troubleshoot problems yourself. This can be done by installing a jet pump, which is above ground. The benefit of the jet pump is that it is easier to troubleshoot and do maintenance. This is not possible with a submersible pump that has to be pulled from the casing every time maintenance to be done.

Centrifugal Pumps for a Shallow Well

Another option to consider for your well is a centrifugal pump. This is a type of pump that uses centrifuge technology to pull water from shallow wells. These pumps are often used in areas with shallower wells. Centrifugal pumps are also low-maintenance solutions that will last for years without any problems.

Pressure Tanks and Water Storage Solutions for Well Pumps

Most pumps that are installed for residential water wells need to have a pressure tank installed with them. This is a special system that provides water pressure to the plumbing in your home. It prevents the wear of pumps while they are constantly running. In addition, some areas may also need water storage solutions for the well. The storage can provide water to your home for mechanical systems or for wells that recharge at a slower rate. Storage solutions can also be good in areas where water can be scarce during the dry season.

Submersible pumps can be a great solution if you need to have a system that is more inconspicuous. Contact a company like Action Well & Pump Repair for more information.