2 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Home’s Old Water Heater

If you have had the same water heater in your home for many years, you may be wondering whether or not it may be time to replace it with a newer model. If you do not see any leaks or outward signs of deterioration, you may believe that you can get a few more years out of it. 

If you notice either of the signs below, however, there may be issues inside of the appliance indicating that the heater is worn down and could be on the verge of breaking down.

1.  Water Coming out of the Hot Tap Has a Reddish Tint

One sign that there are problems with your home's water heater of which you may not be aware is a reddish tint present in the water coming out of the hot tap. If you run the cold water for a few seconds after turning off the hot water, it should start to run clear.

If this happens, the reddish tint is a sign that there is extensive rust forming on the inside of the tank. As the rust breaks off, it will contaminate the water, giving it a reddish color.

Along with the reddish tint, you may also see pieces of rusted metal floating in the water. If the interior of the tank has rusted to the point that it affects the water, any further deterioration could cause holes in the tank and subsequent leakage.

2.  Volume of Hot Water Has Dramatically Decreased

Another sign that your home's water heater is in need of replacement with a new one is when you start noticing that the volume has drastically decreased. You may notice that the water does not stay hot as long. Or, the pressure at which the water comes out of the tap is not as high as the cold water.

If the temperatures do not remain consistent, the heating element inside of the unit may be wearing out. If the water does not come out strong from the tap, there may not be enough pressure building up inside of the tank to allow for an even flow.

If you have noticed a dramatic decrease in the volume and temperature of the hot water, or it has a reddish tint to it indicating rust buildup, it may be time to see about getting a new water heater for your home. Contact a plumber near you who offers water heater installation services to discuss your options.