3 Signs You Need A Plumbing Contractor To Unclog Your Drains

Drainage problems are common to most homeowners today. Some of the most common causes of these problems include the items that get stuck on the sink drains. Other causes include kids flushing items into the toilet or different objects finding their way down the drain. Dirt, toys, soaps, food waste, and hair are some of the common items that cause drainage issues. 

Since some causes of drainage problems are unavoidable, homeowners need to spot minor issues and call in a plumbing contractor to rectify them. Delay may mean expensive repairs or even replacement in the future. Here are sure signs that your drain is not in top condition and needs the plumber's attention.

1. Unusual Smells in Your Home

If you notice a persistent disgusting smell even after cleaning your home, your drains could be the cause. The bad smell could also come from the kitchen sink. When the grease and food particles get down the drain, bacteria cause them to decay, producing that disgusting smell.

However, if you realize that all the drains in your home produce a bad smell, the entire drainage system is to blame. A leak could have occurred on your drainage system, permitting entry of sewer gases, or a mice or rat may have died inside your pipes. Contact a plumbing contractor to help discover the real cause and fix the problem.

2. Your Drains Are Producing Gurgling Sounds

You might hear unusual sounds coming from your drains whenever you flush your toilet. The toilet might also produce a gurgling sound whenever the bathtub drains. This could be due to a blockage in the drainage system or vent pipe. In some severe cases, the gurgling sound could indicate you have a collapsed pipe. 

3. Your Toilet Can't Flush 

It is frustrating to have water back up every time you flush the toilet. The water may also flow out of the toilet bowl. This problem mainly occurs when you flush too much toilet paper down the drain because they cause an obstruction. That's why you should ensure no foreign object finds its way into the toilet. 

However, you can try to mitigate the problem by stopping the water flow and using a plunger to remove the clog and clear the passageway. If the problem persists, it's time to seek help from an experienced plumbing contractor. 

Drainage issues are no small feat for any homeowner. They are also annoying and can lead to loss and damage. If you have any drainage issues in your home, call in a plumber to fix the problem. You will save time and money when you spot and correct plumbing issues before they escalate. Avoid unnecessary delays since they may affect the functionality of your entire plumbing system.