Moving Houses? Air Conditioning Services You Should Prioritize

Are you moving into a new home that was previously occupied? You should have the serviceability of the air conditioner as a priority in your mind. Does it work? You should have established this when inspecting the house, but it may have broken down in the interval. If it works, you should look at its suitability. Would it be better to replace it or repair it? Here are some air conditioning services you should prioritize and how an AC technician can help. 

Look at the R-22 Issue 

How old is the AC? Older AC's run on Freon also known as R-22. The production of this refrigerant has been stopped in the United States because of its toxicity to the environment. You should consider a new air conditioning installation if you have an ancient AC running on R-22. The AC will be at the end of its lifespan anyway because the last AC's with R-22 was made over a decade ago. 

Water Leaks 

You might encounter indoor water leakage from the AC. It is a sign that there is water backing up into the house, most probably because of a clogged condensate drain. The water also can't drain when the condensate pump is faulty. 

You might also encounter water puddles under the compressor. It could be a sign of a broken seal or a faulty condensate pan. Improper installation of the compressor unit can also cause leaks. You need to call in a technician to check out the AC installation or any other compressor fault. 

Dirty Air Filters 

Dirty AC air filters make the AC inefficient because it uses more energy to do the same work. Clogged air filters impede airflow, reducing the cooling effect when you need it most. Consider starting your stay in the new house with new air filters. 

Faulty AC Fan 

The AC fan is important in the heat exchange process which dumps hot air outside the building. A faulty AC fan places an extraordinary load on the compressor which can cause an electric overload or a blown motor. Have an AC technician look at the AC fan if it is not working or blowing too weakly.

Test the Electrical Panel

The AC has the biggest power demand in a home. You need to inspect the electrical panel to ensure it is in good shape and all the components are connected properly. Ask the AC technician to reconfigure the electrical panel after an AC installation.  

Are you moving into a new house? Ask an HVAC technician to check out the health of your air conditioner.