Three Ways To Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a little more serious than simply constituting a blockage within your home's plumbing: since water expands when it freezes, frozen pipes can cause your pipes to develop leaks or even burst entirely, which can cause extensive water damage and mold growth within your home if not addressed immediately. Fortunately, there are a variety of different steps that homeowners can take to help keep your pipes warm throughout the cold months and ensure that such water damage and expensive repairs do not occur. Read More 

3 Telltale Signs You Have Rodents In Your Gutter Downspouts

The area stays dark, it provides easy access to food and water, and is rightly sized for the whole family. Gutter downspouts may seem like an odd place for rodents to set up shop or make a nest, but in truth, this is an ideal location. The thing about having rodents in your gutter downspouts is it can cause you some pretty big problems with how rainwater routes itself away from your home. Read More 

3 Ways To Take Care Of A Plumbing System

Did you have to replace all of the plumbing lines in your house because they were old? If the repair was expensive and you want to prevent future plumbing problems, it is important to take care of the system. For instance, caring for the plumbing system begins with being cautious about what is allowed to go down the drains in your house. It is also wise to take preventative measures that can prevent problems on the inside of plumbing pipes. Read More 

Signs Your Water Heater May Be Failing

There is almost nothing as relaxing as taking a nice hot bath, or taking a nice long shower. The only reason that these are so relaxing and rewarding is because the water is hot. It is pretty hard to relax in a cold water bath. Hot water is only possible because your water heater, and unfortunately sometimes a water heater goes out. A water heater going out usually happens at the exact wrong time, and it is inconvenient, there are some warning signs that you should know about. Read More 

The Worst Is Over: 4 Reasons You’ll Need A Plumber After The Storm Has Passed

After the storm has passed through, and the risk of danger is over, the cleanup will begin. Even if your home only took on minor water damage, it's still going to take a lot of effort to get things back to normal. While you're making a list of the damage that will need to be repaired, don't forget to add plumbing to the list. You might not think it, but hurricanes can wreak havoc on your plumbing. Read More